About the founder

The brand Justice Bodan was founded by Los Angeles-based artist David Grieco. David has been a fine-artist sculptor for over 17 years with bronze being his chosen medium. His mastery of the craft guarantees that each design will be artfully unique.

The collection initially launched with a line of belts has expanded to include bags, jewelry, gift items and the very popular Justice Bodan Fragrance.

Justice Bodan is a fictional character who travels the world, journaling their experiences. They travel from country to country, continent to continent, searching for nothing. They are only seeking to have experiences that will enable them to feel more connected to everyone and everything. Each destination helps them relate a little more closely to themselves and to the human experience.

Each piece in the Justice Bodan Collection has a name with a message that correlates to the moment and the destination that inspired it's creation.... allowing each meaningful thought and experience to blossom into a beautiful three-dimensional object. To protect the integrity and authenticity of the collection, David uses the lost wax process, pulling each piece from a mold and pouring into bronze making each piece one of a kind. 

All the leather is inspected before being brought into the studio to ensure the leather is of the highest quality. Because each piece is made to order we are able to find the best possible leather to compliment the hand sculpted hardware creating a complete work of art. 

So each product truly becomes a unique piece, the result of unprecedented attention to detail and every aspect of this one of a kind brand.